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This is a product review of this poor boy setup. What this thing is is a portable depth finder that my buddy purchased from Academy Sports over a year back. It consists of two parts:

sonar buoy that you attach to the end of your line and cast it out to where you want it

wireless display screen that you can either attach to your rod or hold in your hand to read the results.

My bud bought this as we, at that time, had no boat and constantly fished from the bank. For its intended purpose, it has worked purty well and has held up.

Simple to use, just cast it out like a large topwater lure, let it set a bit, and start taking readings. as you slowly retrive it and stop---take another reading. Prefer to keep the display screen beside us instead of attached to the rod as its not in the way.

As for seeing if it is accurate, up close to the bank where we know its 3' it says 3'. if we know its 5', it tells us 5'. and for the deep water when we cast it way out yonder, it gives the same depth readings as on two depth finders on boats i've been on when invited to go fishin' and we are in those areas.

So with my unscientific method of guaging accuracy, i will say the depth part of it works just fine. As far as the fish findin' part----its anybody's guess. it will show fish at various depths but just like when i'm on someone else's boat, their depth finder are showing fish----but they ain't bittin' so how can you prove its workin'?????? There is nothin' more agravatin' than a fish finder sayin there is fish and you can't catch a thing!!!!! Well, that happens with this little smartcast and it happens with the fancy ones on the boats as well...............

about the biggest problem with it i guess is the water conditions as if its windy and making purty good waves, the sonar is gettin' bounced around givin' all sorts of weird readings but if its calm its ok.

So i'd say if ya like to bank fish and want a depth/fish finder, then this seems to work well.....just don't get aggraviated if they ain' bitin'. :D ... st-p1.html
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