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I called Ruger today

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I asked about buying a 4" barrel. As I thought they wouldn't sell me one. They said to replace my 6" barrel with a 4" and refinish plus shipping would cost me $335. I can buy a used 4" GP for $425 and have my 6" too. That's crazy. :?
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That is crazy. Hopefully soon you can get a minty 4" Ruger and still keep the 6" in your possession. :)
Yeah that's the plan. I didn't want to give up the 6" anyway. :D ... =285580-02

With the fitting, testing, refinishing and rebluing they probably aren't that far off even if you could find a BBL. Two is better than one anyway.

I paid $300 for my 4" blue GP100 at a gun show last December. They are out there.

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That's a great price, Chance. If I run into one at that price it'll be going home with me. :)
Well done Chance! Even though I'm now more partial to stainless revolvers, there's still a place in my heart for blued models. :D
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