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I got a good deal too!!!

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BH's deal on the .357 brass made me want to tell about a deal I got, and didn't know how good it was until today.

You all remember that I ordered 3 boxes of 38/357 158gr LSWC from Missouri Bullet Co. They advertise 250/box. In the past week, I've load up 900 of these little jewels....I still have about 50 left....OUT OF THE SECOND BOX. I still have one box that hasn't even been opened yet. Just an estimate, I figure I actually got about 1400 - 1500 bullets, for $75.00..... :eek:

The 9mm's I got from them are closer to advertised...I probably got about 1500 when I ordered 1000..... :D
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I have 1,000 of the 357 SWC's on the way from them so will check it out when they arrive. Their price is right even if they are correct in their qty.
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