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I got news

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I just got a die cabinet, friend of mine dreamed it up had a cabinet maker make them took them to a gun show they did sell. He was talking about I said let me see one I bought two, yep that's right they are full. I guess I have to go to the classieds to show the picture and where ya can get them. If you load more that 10 cailber's this is a must.
Bounty hunter if this is in the wrong place pm me let me know delete this one and I'll post in the classiced. I am not making a dime off this but I think it will help the serious reloads like myself.
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heck, if its yours and in your house, show it off with some pics!!!!! that's just part of your reloadin' set-up
That's what I'm thinking too. I want to see pics. If your friend is selling some go ahead and post the info in the classified section. :)
Ok I'll take some pictures of the two that I have and how I got them set up. Man its sure nice all your dies in one place and no boxs too fool with.
In classifed I'll post where ya can contact him to get one or heck I got two dang near filled them up lol didn't know I reloaded that many cailbers lol.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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