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I got to get one of these

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This little jew says it wil clean a primer potch in a few seconds. Need one of these fer sure.
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It's the wrong color Snuffy:,DanaI ... te=C11J037

Plus this one will chamfer and deburr and ream out military cases in addition to primer pocket cleaning and flash hole deburring.
If ya mean one of these already got one. But the vibera power brush cleans the primer potch out faster.
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I do 'em by hand as I deprime them. I'm cheap. :)
there is nothing wrong with saving money but for me being in compatition time is what I need to save. My reloading never seems to stop and of course that is ok with me as I enjoy reloading as much as I do shooting.
If I loaded as much as you Snuffy, I'd want one too. :D
LOL just give yourself a little time and you will be hooked like me. I started reloading to save money and to shoot more. Well I shoot more and spend more on time saving devices and componet's lol- but I do shoot more and that is a good thing.
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