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I gotta you wanna?

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In a garage sale trade today, I made him throw in a set of used S&W K or L target grips-like they used to ship the Model 19 and Model 66 with---the big ones....whoever had them replaced them with Packys....which box I spotted and found these...first one to ask for them gets treat...dogs don't DO karma.....but we sure do treats.....
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Very generous of you Sheepdog. I don't have the gun that will fit them, but I'm sure someone here will be glad to have them.

I'm sure someone will need 'em. Read, want 'em. :D
That's really nice of you Sheepdog....don't have a S&W but just wanted to let you know that's good-on-ya.... :D
Don't know if Taurus will fit S&W grips....anyone????
don't believe so...........

great karma-----but i'm still a ruger man for the moment.............
If I was to get a square butt S&W, it'd become a round butt..quickly...
Make a helluva cane handle? Floor shift knob?? BBQ spatula handle??? Am I really that old? takers???????????

just hang on to them for tradin' material..........

the folks here on this forum are bound to get a smith sooner or later.........if i get one, i'll trade you a mrs. bairds fried pie for them!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
I'll hold out for a Hostess twinkie....or a clean used SUV, if you can't afford the twinkie....
Most folks that I know of having a SUV are living in them as they can't afford to drive them any more.
You ain't wrong, there....never needed more than a pickup anyways....keepin' up with style just wastes money.....
Hey, I only just now noticed Your post, & I've been looking for a set to fit My K-22, "Model 17" It currently has Hogue's on it. If You don't need them, I'll take them. How much ??
sheepdog said:
Make a helluva cane handle? Floor shift knob?? BBQ spatula handle??? Am I really that old?

How many of You remember making "floor shift knobs"' out of all kinds of oddball stuff. Beer tap handles, chrystal door knobs, fancy umbrella handles, & all kinds of fancy knick knacks, & accumulated junk. I lathe turned a chunk of bright red plastic one time, with an opening in the top where we installed a little dial type thermometer ! Who knows why !!
I had one I made from a brand new 2 stroke engine aluminum piston with a really high polish, that was just about perfect size. I used it for many years till someone stole it out of My 37 Chevy coupe ! I made a few aluminum ones in a local small foundry, where we made our own casting patterns out of almost anything we wanted. A friend of mine had a fairly big aluminum Eagle's head, that we cast & polished, that looked pretty good in his 37 Ford coupe. Those were "real" floor shift's, that stood about 2 feet high or more. We used to extend the shaft even farther, so the shift knobs could be seen thru the windows, & above the top of the dash from outside the car. Had a friend with a chopped 32 Ford pickup, that You had to reach up quite a ways to grab the shift knob. (a Green & gold "Rolling Rock" Beer tap handle) Way Cool !!!
Oh Yeah, I was there for the whole enchalada !! "Fuzzy Dice", "Moon Discs", "Moon Eye decals", chrome reverse wheels, Flame paint jobs, Model-T coil security systems, multiple engine swaps, etc. I had a little 53 Ford coupe with one of the toughest "Flatheads" around ! Stoplight to stoplight, & sometimes a lot farther, that little Flathead ate 57 Chevy's for breakfast !!

:( Man I could just cry ! :cry:

And just to think, some of these guys never got to see all that !!!
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I've seen the piston grips...the beer tap ones...and some that were X rated...big thing to get a girl to sit straddle the shift...we were dreamers....then most of us got a wakeup!!!!!

PM me your addy and I'll get these grips outa my way....glad someone can use them....
I remember a lot of different shift knobs...made out of que balls, eight balls and stuff.....but my favorite was just a plain old Hurst T-handle I had in a '73 Roadrunner with a 400cid.....850cfm Carter thermoquad.....I still miss that car.....traded it in on a '75 Ford F150.....
Man did you lose out on that deal! :eek:
Yea, but the roadrunner just didn't go in the deer woods very easy.... :eek:

And to make it worse, the Ford had a 300 cid straight-six....that motor really sucked.....
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