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I want your thoughts.....

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I'm getting ready to purchase about 250 rnds of 9mm ammo, and have narrowed it down to the following choices...please express you opinions..... :D

Federal LE Tactical HST 147gr HP
Federal LE Tactical Hydra-Shok 147gr HP
Speer LE Gold Dot 147gr HP
Remington Golden Saber 147gr HP

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Speer Gold Dot....though I'd go with their short barrel load rather than the 147 gr..Speer quality beats any, with Golden Saber a second....the short barrel load has high speed, good impact results, less flash and recoil....going with the 147-still go with Speer....that's about all I buy but practice ammo.... but here's an expert's opinions:

this report...though older...goes into detail more...much worth the reading, and lauds the 124 gr Gold Dots and Golden lauds it....hope this helps...when I got my P95, all the store had was Federal Hydrashok...I grabbed two boxes...I think they were 124 gr..I'll be buying Gold Dots in bulk if I don't trade it for another P97....
I've used Gold Dots and just picked up some Golden Sabers to try. I don't think mine are that heavy though. I think I have 124gr. All those seem to get good reviews. I'm going with whatever my gun eats the best.
I was sort of surprised that the muzzle energy for the 124gr would be better than the 147gr.....You definately have a point to think about, Sheepdog.....

I just spent some time on Speer's website, and the GoldDot Short Barrel +P 124gr and the Golddot 124gr have the exact same ballistic data....the only difference is that the GDHP-SB was shot from a 3.5" barrel, and the GDHP was shot from a 4" barrel....I want these for my Sig 226 which has a 4.4" barrel.

I broke the cost down, and there is quite a bit of difference:

GDHP-SB - $0.50 each
GDHP - $0.05 each

Considering Speer shows the exact same ballistics for both....the GDHP is the, if I get some for my Kahr CW9, the GDHP-SB would be the choice.....

Golden Sabers have really gotten expensive.....about $0.60 each....haven't purchased any in 13 years..... :eek:
I don't think you can buy just the Gold Dot bullet for .05......must be a mistake somewhere....
You're right, Sheepdog....that's what I get for not working it out on paper....

Corrected prices from Ammo To Go

GDHP-SB - $1.00 each
GDHP - $0.50 each
My Thoughts:
If you are buying 250 rounds, you must be gonna burn some up. Why buy the expensive ones to target shoot with? I understand that you do need to be accustomed to the ammo you will keep loaded for if and or when you really need it.
But for everyday shooting, plinking, target practice, Remington UMC on sale at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Bass Pro or Ammo Direct is a pretty good deal.
I don’t buy the cheapest ammo and I don’t buy Gun Show ammo. But if I’m gonna burn some lead (although copper jacketed), I am gonna save a few bucks.
Drummer, I reload all my practice rounds....I have the following mags for my P226:

10 round - 2
15 round - 3
18 round - 5
18 rnd ordered - 2

That comes out to 191 rounds + 1 in the chamber......I like to keep my guns ready..... :lol:
Oughta fire at least 4 clips, Wiz, to make sure it feeds well in your gun....your life's worth that much....
never ben a fan of the 147 gr 9mm----my guns did not like it and always thought it was designed for sub-guns and/or supressed guns---not std pistols...........
but that's me.............
sheepdog said:
Oughta fire at least 4 clips, Wiz, to make sure it feeds well in your gun....your life's worth that much....

Maybe I need 300 rounds, then..... :lol: :lol: :lol:

SGT, no, this is not for punching paper....this is for SHTF situations at home....I may be paranoid, but I am in the process of arranging and placing various weapons and ammo in strategic places with my house, just incase.....
Just last night, two bozos did a home invasion in Ft. Worth...then went and did another in Blue Mound a few miles away...burst into a home and stuck a shotgun in a lady's face...she grabbed it and pushed it away...then hit one with a heavy glass candle...screaming for her husband, who dashed in, took the shotgun away from the guy...shot and killed him and shot the other...who was found licking his wounds nearby and is now in the hosp....the couple had a coupla kids down the hall and she said they'd've had to kill her to get to them.....and people are still saying it won't happen to them....that's a stupid thing to say...keep on stashin,'re right on the target!!!!!
Wizard, I just got a couple boxes of GDHP - 9mm +P 124 gr. , from a guy down in GA.
$20 a box plus shipping. Cost me $8 to get 2 boxes up here. Suppose a little cheaper to you.
Came out to .48 each. I'll run 50 rounds through to see how they function, then load a few mags.

Also trying out some Winchester Ranger SXT from an LEO down in SC. Never used them before. 40, 45 & 357sig

Let me know if you want the names.
124 gr. Speer Gold Dots are what I use in my 9mms as well for defensive purposes. :D
The names would be good, Thunderjohn..... :D

Taurus, that is what I'm going to go with....gonna buy a box locally tomorrow, try them in my Sig, and if they work fine, then I'll try to find the best price......
Been meanin' to try some of those copper slugs....what's the name????
Wiz, I'll pm you his name and email address.
SGT, now that is one fine lookin' round..... :D
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