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My shooting buddy like me is getting on into age.
He is a WW2 hoarder for airplane magazines, 3006's and even a flawless jeep.
We talked about the shelves of magazines he has collected. They are flawless, but old stuff.
He bought an enclosed trailer big enough to take the jeep to various parades across the state.
I kept noticing that he complained how cold the ride in the jeep was when he went for a show.
He mentioned selling it and I told him that was a good idea, but buyers might be scarce due to the outright fact that the buyers for that year jeep were looking for a trail jeep, not a $20K show piece.
Add to that the old veterans are slowly fading away too.
He sold the unused business building, and his taxes were going to be out of sight.
He arranged to donate the jeep and trailer to a museum for a tax write off. Good move!
As for the 30/06's, he has six of them all original army versions. M1 Garand's. Flawless!
The ones that require a less powerful cartridge which he has a ton of.
Well, he fell recently and is barely able to function which is added to the palsy he has.
I had told him a while back to sell a few of the 30/06's as his wife would just give them away after he passed.
Well, here he is, all stove up and barely able to move.
I feel for him, but I warned him!

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The M-1 Garand used a lighter load cartridge that the modern 30/06 uses.
He explained this to me once, but I really did not pay attention.
He indicated that a newer modern load would damage the action on the M1's.
His M1's are perfect, but he refuses to sell them even though he cannot any longer shoot them.

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@ Terry_P: I have another take on the buyer's desire to own a M1 Garand.
So, here goes. The M1 is 9 shots that loads from a slide clip that will get your thumb mashed and is very heavy.
Compared to the modern AR 15 it is obsolete.
But there are a lot of them around that are owned by older guys that are dying off.
I think they will fall by the wayside in a few years.
I have not researched the selling prices to back this statement up.
Even my buddy bought an AR 15.
Your thoughts?
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