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Into the Boring Stuff Now

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I have loaded up enough metallic that I have to go blow some off to make room so I started reloading shotshell for skeet. I bring a thousand skeet rounds loaded when I go to Texas for the winter. I have a single stage Mec Press that gives me a 100% reliable shell its just that it's six pulls of the handle for each shell, 150 per box, 6,000 for my thousand shells. Oh well it definitely saves me money and what else do I have to do anyway. Thinks I'll go out and hunt Turkey first though.
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That's a lot of pulls, but definately saves money..... :D
It's a lot like work, ain't it? :)
was in wally-world the other day
25 pound bag of lead shot goin' for $49.00 :eek:
A retailer the next state over in Maine is selling for $45 which I thought was pretty decent for the Lawrence hard shot. I may pick up a few more. I was waiting for the grand opening of a Cabelas about 35 miles from me on Wednesday. We have a savings card they sent us and if I can get it under $40 with the discount then I'll pick up a hundred pounds. Last year I bought 5,000 primers, 5,000 wads and 16 pounds of Clay Dot Powder so I'm in decent shape except for the lead. I may have to give shotmaking a try.


I usually do a couple boxes a day and eventually get what I need. Less painful that way
I don't blame you. ;)
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