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Invited to meet the guys and go plinking.

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Some time ago I go the invite to go shooting with a select group of guys by my friend Ken.
You can see my rifle under the lever rifles section.
Ken and I had zeroed the scope at his farm, so he knew the rifle.
This invite was clear, I have to have a pistol or rifle that was accurate and be careful.
So, I follow my buddy into the back woods of Yadkin County.
We finally turn into what looked like a commercial driveway.
Then down a short distance to the equipment area.
The building was to the right and an open lightly graveled area to the left.
The building was 150 feet long and 60 feet wide.
There was heavy equipment everywhere.
To the left in front of a berm were targets and 200 yards to the center back were more tip targets.
I get out, and I was invited inside.
My good grief! It was full of just about anything a mechanic would like to have.
To my right were two shooting stations.
Joe, the owner said Well, you get the first go.
I am thinking surely, we are not going to shoot inside.
I looked to the far end of the building and there was a target set up in front of a bullet catcher.
Oh me! What has Ken been telling these guys?
I asked Kenn to take the first shot.
Bummer, because he was not even close to center.
Now it is my turn to either get it right of stand in shame.
I could barely see the target as the light was poor.
Anyway, I took my time and fired three shots.
Ken and I walked to get the target.
He said he could not believe that grouping.
He was right, three shots all in the center and a penny would have covered all of them.
I did it again and got another penny grouping.
But now I want to get to what Ken has been telling me about:
He has said they shoot golf balls with 22 pistols.
I was expecting golf balls to explode on each shot.
Not so.
Joe the owner would toss the golf balls into the parking lot and the guys cut loose on shooting them until they went out of pistol range.
That went on until over 50 golf balls were down near the target backdrop.
It was a good day, and when I go back, I am going to take one of my gallery Winchester pump model 1906.
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That's some fine shootin' ...... I love shooting golf balls, but I do it at 50 feet with a rifle. ... :)
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My next visit I will take the Winchester and zero the peep sight.
Afterwards I will take a turn at golf ball shooting.
I doubt the peep sight will be effective though.
I may take pictures.
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Sounds like a fun group and a good time. Time to get the other hardware into action. Should be good practice.
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