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It's almost like having a new gun!

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A fella on another forum and I swapped grip frames, my birds head for his standard plow handle, and it is like having a new gun! He liked the birds head, I like the regular grip. I like the look of the birds head, but my big ole hands did not care for them at all. Heck, even my wife hated them. So, I think I might be shooting the ole .45 more in the future.

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It's amazing what a new grip can do.

That's good lookin Gunman
Very nice. I like the Birdhead's look, but the feel of the reguler grips for shooting. getcha a JW rig and strut!!!! I love the look of a gunbelt FULL of least 30 loops....then there's the hat...and the boots.....then ya gotta get a horse... I think there's a bit of cowboy in all of us...'specially when the cowgirls come by......
I agree, the Birdshead is neat looking but tough to handle. Revolvers are a lot more fun to shoot than just to look at!
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