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Jeff Quinn reviews the .480 Ruger Alaskan 5-shot revolver

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From the video, the recoil didn't look all that bad. Looks like it'd make a great backup gun in bear or moose country. :)
I wouldn't want a snubby that powerful. I'm a wimp. :|

A snubby in that caliber is not that bad, believe it or not. With those big bullets, you don't need alot of fps behind it because they are still moving at a good speed.

I haven't fired a .480 Ruger yet, but I do know from reports of those who have that they were totally surprized by its soft recoil. A full load of .480 Ruger (.475 Dia) recoils less than .454 Casull (.452 dia) and a whole bunch less than the .460 S&W Magnum.

The .480 Ruger is also nic named the .475 Short since it is not as powerful as its big brother the .475 Linebaugh cartridge.

Taken from another web page and words of its author
Subjectively, I agree. After firing a trio of identical-length Super Redhawks with Hornady’s own 300-grain .44 Magnum, 325-grain .480 Ruger, and 300-grain .454 Casull loads, I’ll testify that the .480 feels much more like the .44 than the .454, and I can shoot the .480 for as long as I want without undue stress. Eighty percent of the .454 Casull’s power with half the recoil—no wonder Hornady believes the new .480 Ruger “takes handgun performance to an entirely new level.”

I think I am pretty much interested in this cartridge....
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Get a SRH in 480 and cut it to 4.5". ;)
Shawn that’s in the works, waiting on a five shot to do it on, want to keep the six shoot like it is.
Well I hope you keep us posted, Danny. Since seeing those stupid pictures I've been craving one. :?
Go look at Bowen’s sight and look what he dose to the Alaskan, hell its just money .LOL
I want too much. I make too little. :cry: :cry:
I know that feeling well, when I give up the ghost my kid wont get a thing but guns :lol:
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