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Learned something at the range today????

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Went shooting today with the grandson and there was a oldtimer shooting close by...
He was shooting some single six pistols and his sub-compact Glock..

Got to talking with him and among the conversation he talked about his Glock shooting low and that he is trying different grains of bullets to see if he can get it raised up..

Have you guys ever heard of that or done that? ;)
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Yes. The gun is set up at a certain yardage with a certain grain bullet at the factory. The point of impact will change with a different weight bullet.
yes sir

heavier bullets tend to print a bit higher
slower loads tend to print higher

been put to me that it all deals with muzzle rise and that because the heavier bulets are slower, the muzzle is already climbing a bit from recoil befoer the bullet exit the muzzle. The slower the bullet the more muzzle rise before exit-----the faster the bullet the less muzzle rise before exit----or at least that is how it was put to me......................
thanks guys...that is some info for me to think about....I wonder if gun manufactures test there guns with the most common rounds for that caliber...when I get enough money, I want to shoot some 125 grain and 158 grain .357 rounds..maybe sandbag it and see the difference

Is there any way to find out what a gun manufacture used for ammo when they test there guns.. seems to me on a .357 the most popular round would be 125 grain..

Definitely got my curiosity :mrgreen:
I believe that Ruger uses 158 grain at 25 yards.

i've often heard that ruger factory sets their 38's and 357 fixed sight guns for the 158. maybe 158 grain is the most popular for .357...Interesting
357s go much higher in my blackhawk than 38s. 38s shoot true.
I've never had a Glock shoot bad.... wether it be like this G19 mid-size or a G27 etc. Tell him to dump the SA revolver for a bit and concentrate on his hold and shooting with the Glock. Leveling out the slide with an auto is much differant than shooting a DA/SA revolver.

Sometimes shooting skills must be re-taught

These groups were shot at 25 yards slow fire.
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