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here is a fine article with fine step by step info on the use of the lee loader------completed with illustrated pictures.

yes its old, obselete, and slow as all get out.

But it is also minimal expense, minimal space, and take with you anywhere and stores easily.
Fantastic for someone starting out on a tight budget or limited space.

From a by-gone era, when folks i guess had more time on their hands. These loaders also produced world records in accuracy that stood for many years.

this ariticle is from beartooth bullets and a most enjoyable read for a nut-case like me that still occasioally uses one.... ... tes.htm/51

and this article here is about the rifle version of the lee loader kit that deals with bottle neck rounds and while not as detailed is also a good read and informative. ... 8/117.html

I consider these to be real sleepers out there and they at one time built them for anything from the .22 hornet to the 10 ga shotgun and lots of pistol and rifle rounds in between.....sadly, current factory production has reduced many choices, but many a good find can still be located in old gunshops and on ebay.

I consider these will become the mdl 12's, auto 5's. and pre-64's of the reloadin' world and many of the old obselete caliber kits are now commanding premium collector prices----unfortunately for me.......

hope ya enjoy............
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