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Lee ram prime?

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I'm bidding on a Lee ram prime on e-bay. Has anybody used one? I've heard they give you a great feel when priming. Bidding is only up to $0.99 so far, Ill go $5.50 max.
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i use the ram prime with my lee challenger press. It is a very, very, easy to use and quite sensitive in the feel for seating. Hardly any leverage is required at all and in my opinion it is superior over the older press mounted priming systems such as on the rcbs rock chucker or the older primimg system on the older lee turret presses ("T" system) for that matter. It should come with two cups for large and smal primers. I highly recomend it.
The Lee Auto Prime is much, much faster.
I use the ram prime. It came with my Lee turret press. I have no problems with it.
Thanks for the replies guys. It looks like I'll get it for $0.99. Keep your fangers crossed.
its the shipping that ya sometimes have to watch out for........
but for the price you're getting it, can't go wrong.
Are you getting both sizes?

Like deputy says, look at the shipping price. Sometimes they are nuts. Nothing like buying a $4 product for .99 and then realizing that the shipping is $22. :?
Their only asking &4.50 shipping so thats about right.
Did you get them?
I'll let you know about this time tomorrow when the auction ends.
Oh I thought it was done. :D
Well I got it, had to go $6.75 tho. still not bad. shipping was lower than I thought $4.00. So total was $10.75. I checked Midway USA, they wanted $8.99 with $3.00 "special handling charge" if you don't order $25.00 worth of stuff. Their shipping was higher by about $2.00 also. So I don't think its too bad. But will wait till I get it "fore I count chickens".
congrats on the buy..........
its a handy item to have...........
I think you'll like it Deadeye. It's the only thing I'm using right now and it works just fine.
Congrats on the buy, Deadeye. You'll like it.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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