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lets see your WWI and WWII rifle

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These are my favorite guns to shoot

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i've always liked the little m-1's but times have sure changed........
they use to be dirt cheap but nowadays the prices are out-ragous---guess i'm spoiled to the cheap prices.

We had some private prisons that used the little carbine, unfortunately, when they traded them in years back for the ruger 9mm carbines, they traded the guns in as well. Shame as they had quite a few from the various makers. I think an outfit in Isreal is importin' some brand new production ones but again--they are high and i have not really checked on the price of surplus 30 carbine ammo in years so i don't know if it is still attractive........

Never got to shoot a "tanker" garand.......was that one actually produced and issued durin' WWII or korea?---can't remember this morin'......

My last surplus gun was a p14---or what i like to call a 1917 enfield in 30-06. It had been "bubba-ized" but still a good shooter----wish i would had kept it.......

Nowadays i am without surplus......though i still am tempted by the mosin-nagants and k-31 rifles and of course the "mitchell" mausers---while not actually WWII--close enough..............
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I have a K98 Mauser that was made in the middle years of WWII in Germany...It was already sporterised when I bought (stole) it at an auction. With full power 8mm JS rounds that thing has a pretty good poke to it. I put a scope on it (it had Redfield reciever sites), and it seems to be a pretty good shooter. Once in a while I can still find decent 8mm stuff, but it's getting hard to find.

For white tails it will do anything I need it to. :)
That bottom one is a looker!
tn gun runner said:
These are my favorite guns to shoot

boy i've been wantin one of each of those. The price's seem to be getting steeper and steeper on them gems.
Kahr Arms is re-producing the M1 Carbine-along with the Tommy Gun.....
Great looking wood on that M1! Has the barrel been shortened on it? I have one on order from the CMP. I will be glad when it gets here!
gunman42782 said:
Great looking wood on that M1! Has the barrel been shortened on it? I have one on order from the CMP. I will be glad when it gets here!
The barrel is 308 NM tanker and the wood I put that grain in it . Hope you get yours
soon they are a fun gun to shoot
Anyone see the M1A1 Paratrooper Carbine on the cover of American Rifleman??? Looks WAY cool. Haven't read the article yet, just got the mag today.
I saw the pic. I gotta say that little gun is fugly. Cool, but fugly. :?
~.303 Lee Enfield~I had one (gone now) all Sporterized that I hunted with until I bought a Remington 742 BDL Auto Loader~

Combat Rifles - Lee Enfield ... ridge.html

I did this one time shooting at Deer running Full Tilt ( I Never Touched Him) Enfield rifle NO4, speed shoot

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Hell yeah, Knuckles. Enfields are a fine weapon. I prefer the Jungle Carbine, because it sounds as if the Gates of Hell are raining down destruction and pain.
Here's my only military rifle I have left. BSA Martini Cadet / Australian marked..
Would like one each of the M-1 Garand and Carbine. And I think the 308 would be cool.

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That's a neat little gun jimbo, how's it shoot?
Johngoboom said:
That's a neat little gun jimbo, how's it shoot?
Pretty good with iron sights and my old eyes. I had it rechambered to 357 max about 20 years ago.

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That's some good shooting in my book . A peep would be a big plus in
that gun .
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