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Limited Edition Ruger New Vaquero

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It does not do much for me. A New Vaquero with an original Vaquero hammer. Ho-hum.
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I know. What a waste of money. :|

I ordered a Montado last night. $650!!
I have been a fan of Ruger for over 30 years, but here lately I have found myself going with Cimarron. I got both of my Bisley's for $1036.09 out the door. I never thought that I would ever have anything but a Ruger.
I agree alot of money for the new Vaquero
I'd like to see them bring out the old, heavier Vaquero line...the lighter ones don't feel good to to hold the engraved stainless set and they just didn't seem heavy enough.....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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