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Load testing.

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I posted these in the picture forum too, along with the range photo's.

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It hoofs You pretty good, & I wouldn't use that load exclusively, but worked it up for deer season. That's from My 7 1/2" Bbl. My eyes are getting pretty bad, but It drops them all inside a 9" paper plate at 65 Yds. from the bench, & 3" to 4" at 25 Yds. off hand. It's going to have a Millett Red Dot on it by this weekend.

WW cases
WW LP primers
250 Gr. Horn. XTP H.P.
25 Gr. WW 296

The load I use for the 44 Mag. is (28 Gr.) of WW-296, & a 200 Gr. XTP, & WW L.P. primer. It most definitely gets Your attention. :shock: It hovers right around 1600 FPS from a 5 1/2" Bbl., & does about 3" to 4" at 25 Yds. off hand too. I had a Red Dot on this one, & it powdered the front lens on the third shot. :D :shock:
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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