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Looooooooooooong-barrelled .44 DA Colt and Smith

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Found a blue Model 29 8 3/8" and a Colt Anaconda stainless 8 3/8" today at a pawn shop...Smith's real clean with little wear...Colt's dirty with a bit of rust...both are $499.00 each...anyone hungry for either? Haven't seen either with mile-long barrel in ages....
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I need a 4" barrel. :)
I would, legs are too short to carry the 8 3/8"...
Either one would be almost as tall as I am..... :eek:
Rust on the stainless? That sounds like some serious neglect. How do you deal with it fine steel wool and then buff??
That would be my guess Terry.

Either one would make one FINE deer gun.
I'd say they would be good hunting guns....sad that the SS was neglected...shame...I've used aluminum foil and brass brush to get rust off stainless before...this one was just nasty.....
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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