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Lying Dog

An AGGIE had been messing around with a cute young girl on the TEXAS
A&M Campus and she became pregnant. He tries to think of a way to solve
this problem, and to help the girl out.

To himself he says,' I know my dad has the money, but he will not just
send me any for this. But, I know he is crazy about that old bluetick
hound dog, so if I come up with a way to include it he will send me
the money.

He calls his dad and says, 'I know this is going to sound funny, but
A&M has a new program that teaches dogs to read. And I know you would like OLD BLUE to learn to read.

Dad inquires, 'Well you are right, Son. How much would this
cost?' 'Two thousand dollars', the son replies. 'Well that is not bad',
the father says, 'I will send the money and OLD BLUE to you tomorrow.'
Old Blue and the money arrives on campus. The son piddles away the
money, and then needing more in a month or so, calls Dad again. 'Dad',
the son says, 'Old blue is doing real well in reading, and the
University is now offering a course to teach dogs to speak. I know you
would like to have Old Blue do this course.' Dad responds affirmatively,
'I sure do, son, how much is this course?' 'Two thousand' answers the son.
So dad sends another two thousand.

Time goes on, the end of the school year is now here and as the son
prepares to go home for the summer, he realizes that the dad is going
to expect OLD BLUE to show his higher education when he brings him home, so he takes Old Blue out behind the dormitory and shoots him. When the train arrives in his hometown, he sees banners stretched across the
station proclaiming 'WELCOME HOME OLD BLUE the only educated dog in
Texas' 'Oh Damn' the son thinks.

As he gets off the train, his dad meets him and wants to know where is
Old Blue. 'Dad, we need to talk' the son says, 'alone.' So the son starts
explaining the absence of the dog.

'Dad, Old Blue was sitting on the commode this morning reading the Wall Street Journal as I was packing. I told old Blue we were going home and that you were anxious to see him.' the son explained,

'and, Old Blue asked me if you were still messing around with that pretty young waitress down at the Truckstop.'

The Dad interrupted angrily, 'I hope you shot that lying dog ...'


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