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M-77 MKII Sights?

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I have a M-77 MKII in .308, I want to leave it with just open sights. Unfortunatly I now find my self needing reading glasses, I can still see something 5mi. away but 1st. 3' is fuzzy. I'm looking for some type of Hi-viz/fiber optic type front with a peep-hole rear set up. Any suggestions would be apreeeesheated.

Thanks Deadeye!
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If you want a quality site set, call Williams Gun Site, Inc. at 1-800-530-9028. They will be able to set you up with a good set.
this is a good rear sight. ... m~maindeal

fits into the intregal scope base on rugers. Steel, and highly functional.
I've never seen those before. That's a good link deputy.
i got to try one out on a friends 77 rsi in 308 several years back. i reallly liked it and it was fast and easy. he left the front sight stock which was ok, but i think a plain post would be the cat's meow. More of a matter of tastes i guess as i never been a fan of them gold beads in the front sights. ;)
I'm thinking throw a fiber optic pipe in for a front site, and let that baby shine. That would be the ticket for me. Now, if only I could shoot iron sites still, I'd be all set.
i like irons, especially as a back-up. Right now i think i need to splurge on a leupold 4x, just can't decide to do 'er this season or next.......but its a luxery as the bushnell is holding up fine.

peep sights do make life much easier over std sights.....until you loose the light. That fiber-optic front ought to do the trick though to cure that.
I've been having a lot more trouble seeing My revolver sights in focus lately. But the small arp. peep sight, & hooded gold bead on the .222, seems to actually clear things up for Me, almost like putting on glasses or something.

I've been thinking, I'd like to try a ghost ring insert blade in the rear sight of the pistols, & see if it helps. I do have a Millett Red Dot on My 7 1/2" .45 LC right now, that I installed before last deer season, but really do not like scopes on a revolver ! It just kind of ruins the whole concept of carrying a revolver in the first place. A revolver should be kinda compact, & easy to carry & use.

Another thing I may investigate, is a small stick on for your eyeglasses, that has a small peepsight like hole, & is supposed to correct your vision for shooting. Has anyone seen or tried them ??
i've see folks comment on this style else where for handguns.

and these for glasses---never tried it
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The rear peeps on both sites look cool, but can't seem to find fiber optic front that will just slide in. Seems like someone would make one.
They don't use a standard dovetail on the front?

I thought that was a stanard size insert?
I don't know about all of them John, but mine has a little button you push down & the sight slides out. I could live with the rear sight but the front is tiny & only has tiny brass insert that is useless as far as I'm concerned.
receiver peep is the way to go , 1000 yd shoots use them and I shoot target 200 yds
with mine . Most people make the holes way to small , the hole is like a camera you adj
it to get a sharp pic , what size you and me will be different

the r/side is $150 and 4 sale , l /side is a $500 sight and NOT 4 sale

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