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Can't find mag loader for my .32 Zastavas. I tried UpLulas. The large one, the steel "beak" (their term) that pushes the cartridges down is too wide, won't fit between the mag lips. The smaller one, inserting the mag is too tight. I saw some ridges inside. Thought if I could sand those down, I'd be okay. After several hours of sanding and filing they (two) finally work well. I learned that UpLulas are very "abrasion resistant". :( FWIW, Uplula stands for: Universal Pistol Loader & UnLoader Accessory.

The cause of this is the Zastava was also made in 380, which hasn't been imported. For the .32, there is a long impression on one side of the mag, reducing a 380 body down to 32. The mag is a little wider than most 9 mags, more 45 size.

I prefer the little plastic loaders, but none of those lists my gun. MakerShot has one loader for 9, 10, and 45 1911s. It might be the best one, 45 body with a 9mm "beak". Perfect width, but a quarter inch extra length. They also made my Guardian's loaders. I may order a couple, but glad I got the Lulas working.

Baby UpLula..................................................MakerShot loader
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