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Marlin 336SS

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I'll throw this in cause the lever actions ain't seein a lot of action here!
I have pretty nice 336SS which is stainless, in 30-30 Winchester, with a scope.
I actually bought the rifle a couple years ago to help out my wife's daughter when her worthless husband wouldn’t come up with rent. When I got it, it still had packing grease inside although it had been fired a few times. He had also broken off the loading gate.
Well I took it all apart, cleaned everything put it back together including a new loading gate and shot it once.
Then I decided to take it apart again and start fine tuning.
I bought a bunch of new internal parts and started honing and polishing. I slicked up the new carrier, carrier rocker, locking bolt and the magazine tube.
Now it loads and cycles like a cowboy action 45 lever rifle.
I shot it about 20 more times, bought a soft case for it and put it back in the safe. Ain’t seen it since.
So there’s my post on Lever Action LMAO!
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Re: Marlin 333SS

We need pics! I'd love to have a 357 lever gun. One day I just might. :D
See an update on this here rifle in Classifieds
I got one for sale pard.
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