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Marlin customer support

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I have only dealt with Marlins parts department once before and they were anything but speedy. A couple of weeks ago I lost a loading gate screw from my brand new 1894 .45LC and called Marlin. Ended up ordering 3 screws because of the min order rule. Credit card was billed with all due speed but still no sign of the parts. Luckily I have other 1894s to scrounge parts from but this seems very, VERY slow service.

5 days after odering from Marlin I called in an order to Ruger and the parts came in less than a week. Anyone else had to deal with slow deliveries from Marlin?
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I understand that remington is gumming up the works since they bought marlin/h&r/nef. There's been much talk of remington's re-aligning/consoldation efforts as they are closing the h&r factory completely down and moving it somewhere(possibly the marlin plant)
Either way, a lot of us are courious as to whats going to happen to marlin and nef for the future. is a great source for parts amongst other things and their service is top-notch. they also have in-house gunsmiths so if you or the order lady don't know the correct part, she will get one of the smiths to find an answer concerning parts................
I've never had to deal with them and don't currently own a Marlin. I'll keep this little fact in mind though. ;)
I buy Everything from Brownell's. Always fast and if somethings not in stock, they send it free when they get it and don't charge your account until they do. They also take anything back with no questions. Good people to have.
I broke a pin that holds the band (I don't know the proper terms) that holds the wood to the barrel on my .357 Marlin model 94. I called them because another parts place wanted like $7 to ship the thing. She said okay and just mailed me one. No charge for any of it and it arrived in like two days.
Actually you know what else? I forgot, when I first bought that levergun it kept jamming. I sent it back to them and they replaced a bunch of stuff and sent it right back no charge. It cycles GREAT now. Very, very fun gun to shoot.
I love when I get free stuff. Good deal Eddie. :mrgreen:
Called Marlin Fri and asked the status on the missing screws ordered around the 1st of Apr. Talked to a nice lady who said they were sent out on the First and since they hadn't arrived she would send the order out again. She was very nice and helpful so I hope the parts will get here this time.

The 45LC Marlin 94 is just a plain fun shootin' rifle.
Good luck, Chance! :)
Parts came in today's mail. No sign of the first shipment. If someone picked it off along the way they were probably disappointed that it contained 3 ea. 6-40x1/4" screws. Not exactly up to the Brinks heist standards.
Stuff gets lost all the time in the mail. Or takes weeks when it should take days. :roll:

Glad you finally got your screws. :D
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