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Must have been my burfday!!!!

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Saturday was a GOOD day....found the KP97DC I've been looking for for four years...caught my favorite pawnbroker buying it with a small herd of guns from a sooner than the door closed, I was on it and slapped it on layaway...he can't show it to the public for 21 days, but it's mine...$295.00+ the Guvner's ....I'm doing a Snoopy dance bigtime!!!
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Good deal! I love buying new and "new to me" guns. :D
Congrats, Sheepdog. Let us know how it shoots, when you get it.
great find, i gotta get my layaway out, so i can put another in :lol:
Congratulations, you ole dog you!
Are going to post a Pic of it in the Gallery...???
Congratulations Sheepdog, SgtKnuckles took the words right out of my mouth. :mrgreen:
I flunked out of obedience school....let alone learning are out of my realm of expertise......
Brought my slightly used KP97DC home today....smooth and sweet...I didn't know which one to carry so I just slipped it in next to my KP90DC, one at 10 and one at 12, and it fit so good, I may carry it for backup instead of my I gotta find a good clean complement my those stainless decockers.....Isohappy!!!!
I'm glad it worked out for you Sheepdog!

Make sure you give us a range report when you give her a good workout. :)
Good deal Sheepdog! :D
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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