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My Daily Carry

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Here's a shot of my daily carry rig.....hope you like.....

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Looks like a Kahr and a Don Hume IWB holster and mag pouch. Great looking carry combo! I have heard lots of good things about Kahr arms.
Very nice! 3 mags, huh? :eek: :D
Yea, that only gives me 24 shots..... :lol:

I really like the CW9. It's lightweight and very accurate. The CW series is the budget line of the Kahr weapons. It only comes with one mag, and has a pinned front sight....nightsights not available. It is, of course, a poly frame with a stainless slide. I've put about 900 rounds through it now, and it works great. I have had absolutely no issues with it...jhp, fmj, and even some lrn that I had from the '90's. With magazine it only weighs about 18 oz. It carries really nice in the Don Hume. The only thing I don't like is the double mag holder (also Hume). I have tightend the screws to the point that I don't want to go any further, and the back mag is still a little looser than I like. I might just go with two singles. I know three mags may be overdoing it, but, I'd rather have too much, than not enough. Right now, I'm carrying it with 115gr fmj, until I find something better.....
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nice rig...............

perhaps a poor boy approach of using a tiny washer under that screw head might work to give a bit more bite to it.............

or a very small piece of thin leather or boot lace inside the offending pouch to act as a shim--if that works then you can always stick it to it with super glue so it won't come out when you draw the mag.......
Deputy, I think you hit on the solution to the problem....thanks..... :D
that's a nice looking gun, i would like to get my big hands on a kahr and see how it shoots.
Wizard, nothing wrong with having three mags!

I think you're just ready to dance. ;)

Nice looking setup.
Nice rig!!! Like the mag case-clip on? I use a single clip-on beside my holster and two more in a pouch in my back pocket...and three more on the seat in a grabit much is enough? I don't have the over 40 years of carrying legally and otherwise....never had to pop a cap....and may it ever be so....but if we need it...gotta feed're good to go....betcha the powerballs by Corbon would feed well...they expand nicely....
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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