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I can see why it is! :D I definitely need to add a stainless PT1911 to my collection at some point as well. So many guns, so little money. :mrgreen:
I know the feeling. I want a second PT1911, a 22 DA revolver, and a Redhawk 44 Magnum. :(
That is another guy I wouldn't mind having! I really like the Punisher grips!
So, . . . . How's the PT1911 doing. Any Pro's or Con's ? I like the look of that one, & the Spec's. look good on paper. Right now, it is the one I like, if I had the funds.

So, . . . "The Punisher", is a movie ?? I've never seen it. Any good ?
Yes the Punisher is a movie. It's a long running comic book. It's about a vigilanti who takes out bad guys in his own special way. :D

I've yet to shoot the 1911, Jim. I'll post a report as soon as I do. If it shoots as good as it feels, I'll be in heaven. :mrgreen:
...kinda like a modern-day Mike Hammer......
I used the watch the series with Stacy Keach. :cool:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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