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My favorites

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These are my grandkid and economical shooting things

These are the fun toys :cool:
S/W 65 and 627 Tracker
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Nice selection you got there? How do you like that Taurus? I've looked at a few and am tempted.
I love it...My 8yo grandson shoots it even with mags...It is recoil friendly :mrgreen:
I hardly ever see them around here. It's like they come in a few at a time and then when they're gone I don't see anymore for a long while. The last Taurus I ckecked out was a 480 I believe. It was huge and I couldn't afford to shoot it. :?
Nice 65!!!
Very nice Devin, I don't think I knew you had that Smith though. :D

Shawn, I think you'd love the .357 Trackers. With the weight of the gun itself, the porting and the ribber grips, recoil is substantially reduced, even with the heavy loads. I only wish it were easier on the wallet to shoot .357. LOL :x
It's a lot easier than shooting 44 magnum or 45 colt! :shock:
sheepdog said:
:roll: :lol:
Nice Collection~Them Guns are all Killers with correct shot Placement...YUP
Yup..them 357s are hard on the :roll:
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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