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My new old Franz 22

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I bought a .22 caliber rifle so I could do some target shooting.
It has a name about a mile long but to make it short I will call it a Franz, made in Germany in the 1920's.
It came in last week and I tried it out Saturday.
It had a problem firing all of the 22's I put into it.
I brought it home with a wondering if I could fix it.
I decided I would try to fix it myself.
I removed the stock and forearm.
I looked carefully and decided to knock out the large pin that held the lever.
Two good licks with a proper sized punch and the lever was free.
It had one spring and there were no problems.
Next was the trigger pin.
It took a few taps with the hammer and proper punch to set it free.
I looked closely.
The last pin was the spent shell extractor.
I removed it.
This allowed for the removal of the falling block which held the firing striker.
All I had to do was slide it down and out.
Once out It was evident that the firing striker was worn.
The firing striker was held in place with a pin and a spring.
That spring looked like it was going to be a bitch to get out, but I got it.
At first, I want to describe the firing pin.
It was actually a center hinged device with rectangular end that looked like a flat striker that fit thru a slot to hit the rim.
A pressure spring on one end and the striker on the other.
I finally got it out by removing the center hinge pin of the striker bar.
It was clear that the striker was hitting the inside of the falling block rather than going far enough to hit the bullet rim.
I put the striker in the vise and set about to remove some of the striker that was hitting the inside of the falling block with a file.
20-30 minutes and being very careful to file and fit, then repeat, again and again until it was now extended out far enough to hit the bullet and fire it.
I reassembled it to check my work and found it to be properly set.
I reassembled the Franz.
I found one of the bullets that the striker had failed to fire and went to give it a try.
The bullet had two indentations on it so I turned it so the striker would hit a fresh place.
I fired the round, and it worked just like it should have.
I cleaned everything and oiled the action.
Today I reinstalled the scope.
I am ready to go to the shooting range.
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Good job keepin old Franz shootin for many more years worth of enjoyment.
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That is a fine looking rifle.
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So, first day at the range. 150' inside and a little low on light.
My buddy takes the first three round shot.
Man! He was all over the target. A three-inch spread is generous.
So, I take the next turn. All the time thinking this rifle cannot be that far off.
My first three round shot is dead center, and all three rounds can be covered with a penny.
I knew that rifle was a winner.
Next three the same results.
I have no proof as I walked away and left the target sheets laying on the table.
I am so pleased that the Franz is a winner.
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Looks like a keeper. I like accuracy. If a firearm delivers that kind of accuracy it will have a place in the safe until the estate sale.
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