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~Navy Seal MP5-SD~
Gunbroker~I paid $360.00 for My Collector MP5-SD 10/22
I have been busier than a cat covering Sheet... the last few days...!!! Just took delivery of a New GUN.... MY Navy Seal Model is the Top Gun In The PIC... I Love This Gun... Now I just have to get to the Range and Break it in...<:))
~No that Suppressor is not real, its just a Flash Hider... A real one that is Identical, costs $300.00 and then you have to Give the Florida State $200.00 For a Tax Stamp to Register it, to legally use it... All perfectly legal in Florida if you get enough money out...
~I also have a 552 Scope for it to...<:))

~Rare Collector Suppressor Gun~
Model~Navy Seals MP5-SD~Kestrel Fire 10/22
~Cliff Notes~
The MP5-SD is popular with the Navy Seal
Perhaps one of the most feared weapons used against bad guys, is the SD-series of Heckler & Koch's MP5. Highly skilled law enforcement, intelligence and special forces team put their silenced elimination capabilities to maximum effect around the globe. Featuring integral silencer the only sound they let off while putting the round to target at millimeter precision is the ejection of empty case and reload of next bullet to the chamber.



Now the GSG5 below Is current Production of Vary Good Quality... Its a BLACK GUN that you can afford to run AMMO down range with, and have FUN... We all know that its the AMMO that Costs more over time than the Price of the GUN... Get the GUN you want that won't BUST your Wallet Over Time... I have Guns that Cost Me a Buck a Shot... Them Babies Burn the Lunch money real fast...!!! The Wife and Kids will get behind one of these and Have Fun...!!!...<:)) And you get to have another BLACK GUN...<:)) Its a WIN WIN...<:))

~Find one~Buy one~This GUN is a Red Hot Commodity~
GSG5, Semi Auto MP5, 22LR, Scaled Down Rifle, 22 Rd Mags

GSG5 Videos
Here's some INFO & FUN Video

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Re: Navy Seals MP5-SD

~Yes, on a Kestrel Fire 10/22 the Mag in front is a Fake Mag, its there just for cosmetic correctness... My MP5-SD 10/22 came with 3 Banana's: two 30 Rd Mags, one 20 Rd Mag, and a Stock Ruger 10/22 Rotary Mag... When the Rotary 10 shot Mag is in, you can barely tell its up inside the Stock... They make a mount out there that lets you carry two spare loaded 30 Rd Mags in the Front position...<:))
~Kestrel Fire also made Stocks to fit Marlin, and Savage Long Gun .22's... The Ruger 10/22 was the last in the MP5 Series to be Sold to the Public...
~It Fits the Long Gun Barrel, because the Action is Back in the Stock, making it a 28 inch Long Gun with a Long Barrel, and NOT a SBR (short barreled rifle) saving you $200.00 that does not have to go to the State...<:)) Which also gives you the Bonus of a Deadly Accurate Gun...<:))
~My Navy Seals MP5-SD~Kestrel Fire 10/22 is essentially a "BullPup" in Disguise with that 10/22 Action in the Stock...<:)) One thing for sure, is your not going to Shoot it Left Handed...!!!

NOTE: I would say the GSG5 with every conceivable BLACK accessory hung on it, is a Real Nice way to go...<:))

My MP5-SD 10/22 with a 20 Rd Mag ready to go...
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