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New gunner due today....

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Well, off to the 21-year-old son (and I think his wife's helping some) is having his little girl today...though, by the looks of Mama, may be not so little...I'm happy to see his joy....he's been making better decisions and shaping his life to take responsibility for his family a lot since she got pg...he's grown a lot and is a good man....I'm very proud of him...they're inducing labor...Dr's impatient...made noises about a C section if it takes too long...I hate the shuffle at the boys were all born by midwife in a birthing hurry no rush...oh, well...they made the choice...would appreciate everyone's prayers for a safe and healthy day for Mama and baby...and patience for my boy!!!
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Prayers sent, an exciting time in ones life
You are going to be a GRANDPA!!!! You're going to love it. I will pray for your son's family this day. You have to post a picture of your princess for us. First babies usually take a long time to get here but that's no reason for a C Section. Our youngest daughter was in labor for 36 hours delivering Amber. You're going to be the BEST grandpa ever!!!
Yeeeeee Haaaa!!!!!

I love grandchildren.... :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Hey ..sheeps..prayers went out again.. ;)
Expect to see some pics of the new grandaughter

I just was blessed with 2 grandughters in one week a month ago :D (Lord .. :eek: that makes 9 for me and one more coming later)
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Again...already have a 3-year-old granddaughter by my daughter in Miss...Michael took 24 hours-natural with a capital N....JJ was more like 9...Kev about 4.....I hate the way the Drs. do the C...for convenience..theirs.....thanks for prayers and good wishes....I'll get my Kev to post pics for me...tooo hi-tech for this old dog.....
Hopes and prayers are going your way, Sheepdog.....
Grandkids are definately our REWARD! We have 9 also Dev.
Congrats, Gramps!!! :D :D
Your family's in my thoughts Sheepdog. Congrats! :D
Natalie said:
You're going to be the BEST grandpa ever!!!
Hey, watch it Natalie. :D

Prayers for your family Sheepdog. Our oldest also went the natural way.
3 hours and it was done. Keep us informed.
thunderjohn said:
Natalie said:
You're going to be the BEST grandpa ever!!!
Hey, watch it Natalie. :D
Well, besides you, Devon, and all the rest of you grandpas on this forum. Walkin' on eggshells here. I was only remembering my grandpa who was like Sheepdog and I loved him with all my heart - so you forgive me right???
Happy day Grandpa!

Make sure you put away something shiny and stainless for her to use when she gets a little older! ;)
Keeping you and yours in my prayers Sheepdog. :)
anxious for news!!!!!
Well, nuttin' happnin' yet....they induced labor at 730 a.m. ...went to a 3 and 5:30 p.m. sent her home....a great day with my boys in the waiting scheduled attempt at inducing...Wednesday....Dr. will be out of town this weekend...I think that's when she'll have her......hurry up and wait...sounds 3 boys were all born by midwife in a private home..I helped and was the first to see them all...cut their cords.....hospitals aren't so great, unless there are complications......thanks for the prayers and well wishes....back to the mundane and got a water pump to put on my truck today......any volunteers???? I didn't think so....:)
your family is in our prayers, congrats on the new gunner....
Makes me angry when they induce for no reason other than the doctors convenience. What happened to 'when the time comes here we go'? Well, it's not the doctor going through it.
You and me could sip the same milkshake on that one...I don't take much from doctors...know too much about them...saw hers in the cafeteria yesterday yakking it up with someone...I slapped him on the shoulder and said" Hey, you're supposed to be upstairs gettin' me a grandchild...what're you doin' hangin' round down here?" He, being Middle Eastern right down to the turban didn't know how to take that...wouldn't be my doctor......remember the London bombing scheme they interrupted? Who's to say................
Wow..sounds like a crazy day...I don't like the inducing either.
All my grand kids were born without that...But!!!!! my oldest daughter decided that it was good to do it , so they could pack and move the following week..Really made me mad :x ...Did not even feel like a birth, it felt like a planned event to get over with.. :roll: :roll:

Well keep us posted and I am with you on all this doctor / hospital stuff... :mrgreen:
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