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New inserts

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I recieved these in the mail yesterday as a thank you from Jim. (41 Magnum) This was a very generous jesture from a very generous man. Again I thank you, Jim. Your work is incredible as always. :D

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Looks great! I won a set on a Karma he gave away, and they look great as well.
gettin' close to bein' a bar-b-que gun there!
I have 3 sets for the SP now. :mrgreen: I'm going to have to put the stock grips back on my GP. They look so sweet now. :cool:
Those inserts are beautiful!!! You're right, Jim is a very generous and kind man...
nice i've been thinking of picking up a set for my sp101 too.
Go for it, Velvalco! The only problem is trying to decide which set you like best. ;)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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