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New Leather

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...and I love it... Galco Concealable Holster.

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Very nice! I looked at some Galcos for my 1911 but decided that since I won't be carrying it CCW I'd just skip it. Is that your Kimber? Or did you get another 1911? It looks short.
Yep, that's my Kimber Custom Stainless II, 5"... The FBI cant of the holster makes it very easy to conceal, hence the name of the holster.
I'd love to carry my Taurus, but I don't know about right now. When I'm wearing a jacket it would be ok. But I don't know about T shirt only weather. :|
That's a nice looking chunk of leather!

I have a paddle holster setup for FBI canted, and it is for me the most comfortable way to carry.
galco is always good stuff.......nice holster there.
Very nice, holster....and I'd love have one of those Kimbers..... :D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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