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New Project...

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My folks went down dove hunting in S. Carolina last week with some family freinds that live there. My dad brought down the Model 12 16 Gauge that I redid last year to hunt with. One of our freinds, Mylin (he's 87, and is a really neat guy) was impressed with how it turned out, and wanted my dad to bring up an old .22 he had so I could re-do it for him. I'm not going to re-blue the metal just polish that part up real nice. But the wood is going to get completely refinished. I told Mylin that redoing the wood would reduce some of the collector value, but he didn't care. He said "Nobody is going to collect it except my son, so while I have it, it might as well look good."

Sheepdog...Mylin told me the wrong model number on the phone...not a 62.

This is one neat little gun. Mylin bought it new a long time ago...Model 63 Winchester .22LR. It's a semi-blowback design that loads through the stock. The reciever is grooved for a scope, and this one was made in 1957.

I thought I'd give you this pic now, and in a month or two when I get it all redone, I post the update.

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That's a cool looking little gun. I'm looking forward to the after pics. :)
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