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New toys at the range

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Finally got to the range with a couple new toys. Used, but new to me.
Picked up a like new HS2000 9mm. Precursor to the XD. The guy had a trigger job done
on it. The Xd has a nice trigger but this was better. What a nice shooter.

Also took out the XD9 subcompact. I really like it. It's so much better than the Taurus PT111
9mm that I had. This thing was great for follow up shots.

Just ran about 50 rounds of Blazer FMJ through each one. Did some slow fire and then some point and shoot triple taps at the BG target. Went as fast as I could pull the trigger to see how they would do. Managed to keep all shots within the building. :D Actually almost all were on the target.
Missed a couple head shots, but I'm sure his ears are ringing from the Zing.
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Very cool! The XD line is great imo. :cool:
sounds good---the xd is really makin' a lot of in-roads in police holsters----especially for officers who have to furnish their own weapons............ ;)
Sounds like you had fun. I shot my BIL's PT111 Sunday. After shooting my Kahr, and doing a lot of shooting with my GP100, I found the trigger a little strange...didn't take much to reset.....I prefer my Kahr for carry....want an XD for games and home defense.....
all this talk about xd's i'm gonna have to pick one up.
Sounds like a good day at the range...I went today with a guy that I work with he has the 9mm 5" XD, it's a shooter. I'm impressed with the XD's. :)
John, how's the balance on the long one? I've held the 4"...I think the long one would be better.....
It felt great, I brought the gun up two or three times before shooting it, and the POA was right where you wanted it to be. The trigger saftey wasn't a factor at all, I didn't think I would like it, but you don't really notice it. I like the XD's...I'm thinking one in .45 is on the wish list. :)

I'm used to shooting rugers, and the gun was lighter than I'm used to, but the trigger was SMOOTH!
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