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you can only keep one shotgun. please read before posting

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one shotgun, read before you post/vote

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if it came down to only having one guage for everything, be it defense, hunting, games, or just plain fun, what would you keep that you already have on-hand?

I'm not talking run out a buy a perfect "one shotgun cover all" thing.

i'm talking what shotgun in your house now that you would keep and use over all others should suddenly you were forced to own only one shotgun already in your inventory. Comes down to what is improtant in your opinion. be it family heirloom, defense, hunting, fun, or practical.

For the poll, its limited to just the guage, but in posts you can elaborate.

for me, its the 16 ga browning A-5. Its family, i don't slug hunt, its deadly on birds, and buckshot loads still available.
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I don't have a shotgun. :cry:
no splatter gun?
oh the shame!!!!!! ;) :mrgreen:

We gots to do something about that!!!!!!!!
Talk to old snuffy and i bet he can talk you into a sxs!!!!!

Seriously, i was just wondering what folks are willing to hang on to should the metal meet the meat.
man i'd love to have an old sxs. just too dang expensive around here
No doubt about it, a 12 ga pump gun (with screw in choke tubes). You can hunt most anything with it, from squirrels to deer, and nothing is more deadly up close and personal for self defense.
I own 4-12's and 1-20. You can load the 12 down if you want easy recoil and with the right sized chamber you can shoot 3 1/2" supermags.
I own 3 20s (pumps) placed appropriately, and one Winchester 1300 extended-tube pump in 12....if it gets raw and ragged...I want the 12....the 20s are good to repel boarders, but 12 rules on the streets.....
I have one Win. 12ga Moss. 20ga pump, and one 12ga NEF single bbl/single shot, breakopen.

My favorite overall would be the Winchester....easy to shoot, very accurate. But, I really want a Rem. 870.... :lol:

I think it would be My 12 Ga. Mossberg 500, . . . . . . . . . . . . No,

maybe the Ithica Model 37 Featherweight 16 Ga., . . . . . . . . . No,

Maybe My Stevens 16 Ga. SXS double, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .No,

Maybe the Stevens .410/.22 O/U, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . No,

or perhaps My old Stevens 12 Ga. single, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . No,

How about the 870 Rem. 20 Ga. pump, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .No,

how about the 870 12 Ga ?? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

THAT"S IT !!!! 870/12 Ga. is the winner !!!
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Reason if ya relaod ya can load up or down sorta like a 36-06 it can be used just any any where in the world and one just about any game. Same goes for the 12 ga in MHO.
41 magnum, please give one of your shotguns to Bountyhunter.

I love my 16 gauge model 12. A lot.
i knew the 12 ga would make a good showin' but i figured there would be some old family sentimtal favorites out there (like my 16)that could not be parted with---guess they must be mostly 12 guages :D
My Momma still has a 16ga dbl barrel that belonged to my Father. He killed a bunch of turkeys with the old side-by-side.....
i like them old doubles.....

i've been lookin' at snuffy's sxs at Academy. Sure puts a smile on my face when i fondle it at the counter.(that's fondle the sxs by the way...........) :mrgreen:
I like the old double barrels. I like the new ones too. :)
When I was down in S.C. turkey hunting, one of the old boys showed me one in his gun cabinet. It was a Side by Side 10 Gauge Parker. He's had it for about 60 years, and it still locks up like a bank vault. He said you don't want to goof and hit both triggers though! :eek:
Well I'm quite partial to this 10 gauge I got here, but I don't intend on shootin it.
Can't beat a 870 12ga. I have 3 870s, 1st. one is a Super Mag 3 1/2" I Dove hunt with. Then I bought a Magnum 3" with 28" barrel that I decided to set up for home defense. I put a 5rd. extension tube on it & a pistol grip butt stock. Damn things 4' long now, guess its a little long for home defense! So then I found another 3" mag at a Pawn shop for $150.00, put a 18 1/2" cylinder bore barrel, 2rd. Xtube & elec. taped a mini mag light on it. Much better for indoor home defense. ;)
12 Gauge for me. My Winchester 1400 I've had for many years now and have taken quite a bit of game with it. If called upon to be pressed into the role of self-defense, it could fill that slot as well. :D
Deadeye, I like the sound of your home defense setup. Do you have a picture of that shotgun?
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