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I took the P3AT out today and had problems with it. The first time we took it out it shoot with only 1 jam which i think was my gf limp wristing the gun. This time out I used Lawman ammo and had a lot of jams. Has anyone else had problems with the Lawman ammo in semi auto's? I shoot it in my revolvers and it works great. My girl wants an LCP anyway so I guess the Kel Tec is going eventually.
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i had the kt for awhile, but i experienced nothing but problems with mine. It no longer resides at this residence.
the lawman ammo of old would give some autos fits with the bullet profile of the hp. Can't comment on the new ammo.
My experience with kel-tec has been positive with the p-11. Hated the trigger but in all honesty, i probably put an honest 1000 rds down that pistol over time and was impressed.

Tiny pistols wit tiny tolerances, perhaps it would not hurt to try another brand of ammo. Some of these ammo companies may have something that's who knows? a thousnadth of an inch thicker rim or some other such thing.
The first time I took it out I shot blazer ammo and I had no problems. I'll have to run some more Blazer thru it and see if it acts up again I guess.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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