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the p95------i've shot them before and read tons about them but have never owned one.......

Failures seem to be rare, but have read of a few problems concernin' the ejector either ridin' high touchin' the slide affectin' slide velocities or ridin' low and the top round in the magazine is pushin' it off a bit at an angle causing feed problems.

Just guessin' but if ya load her and slowly hand cycle it a bit ya might see if somethin' is out of wack.................

since this was a used gun, the previous owner might have abused her a bit----especially durin' assembly and dis-assembly as a lot of folks don't read the manual, get the ejector in the wrong position on disassembly and re-assembly, and then try to force things back together possibly damage or bendin' to the ejector, before backin' up and doin' it the right way------pure guess work there but i've seen a bent ejector on a p89 that was abused in such a way.............just no tellin' how the previous owner treated this weapon............

courious-----what brand ammo on the 95?
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