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i'm not the best at explainin' such and i know just enough about computers to get myself into trouble-------but i'll try.

the little pic under the name---ain't got a clue. bountyhunter did mine for me.

as for posting other pics, i know of two ways.
the first way is when you are cruising the internet and find a pic that you want to bring here and share. how i do it is i will put my pointer on the pic and then "right click". that will open up a box with a bunch of choices.
in that box, go down to the last entry and it will say "properties". click on that. Another box will open up with a bunch of jiberish about the pic. go to the line that says "address(url)" and use your pointer to highlight that entire line. after highlighted, right click to open a box and hit copy. then close that mess out and come to our board.
get into what ever topic you want to post the pic and start your reply. up at the top of the box you are typing in, you will click on the button that says "IMG".
When you do that this set of symbols will appear in the text box [ img ] [ img ]
take your pointer and put it in-between the brackets
click once to get the thing flashing between them. then right click and hit paste.all that stuff you copied about the pic should appear in-between the symbols. then take your pointer to the next blank line and click to get your flashing courser out of there.
hit submit and your reply post should have a pic in it.

to post pics of your stuff from your computer, what i do is use an outfit called photobucket located at [url=""][/url]. This is a free site that you can use to store pics from your computer. Sign up to join and follow the directions and down-load your personal pics from your computer to this site. when you have your pics on this site (very easy to use and to download) it is very easy to get them here.
while on photobucket, choose the pic you want a copy of. below it are four different info boxes. choose the box that says img and put your pointer in it and click once. then with your keyboard, hold the control button down and hit the "c" key. then come to our board and again go to the topic you want and hit reply to make a post. when ready to post the pic, put your courser where you want the pic and click to get the courser flashing there. then hold the "contrl" button down and hit the "V" key. a line of jiberish will appear. hit submitt and your pic should appear.

it sounds more complicated than it is and it took me a couple of trys to get it right. but once you do a couple it gets easier and easier.

hope this helps. there might be easier ways to do it but this is the only way i know how. ;)

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If you want to do your avatar, the picture under your name, go into the User Control Panel--Edit profile--Edit Avatar. Then you upload one from your computer no bigger than 125 x 125 pixels. If you can get me the pic I can do it for you if you'd like.
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