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Plastic Pistols

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How much temperature can they stand before they warp or to put it a different way if one is left in a parked vehicle during the summer will it cause problems? I don't own one yet and I'm just curious if that would/could cause any issues??
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use to make tons of jokes about glocks when they 1st came out but i've never seen a glock, xd, sig pro, p95, or come to think of it, any plastic pistol deform from heat or much of anything else---and this includes officers leaving them inside cars and in trunks for extended periods......

though the thought of a plastic gun still disturbs me, i must say that they all seem to have held up as well as any metal frame gun over the short and long haul-----but still does'nt mean i have to like them..................
Plastic guns are A-ok with me. Some of the best semi's out there are plastic.
KP97DC, my plastic.....
I've never had any trouble with the polymer pistols... I love them as much as their steel cousins. :D
I have never heard of any problems...I live in Central Arizona and it gets very hot here..down south( Phoenix) it is even worse...They won't tell you how hot it is on the street because nobody would go outside...
They measure the temp 30' up in the air on the north side of the :roll:
as bad as i hate to say this, plastic guns are the wave of the future. They are resistant to most chemicals, rust, corrosion, offer lower maintaince, lower costs, lighter weight, etc, etc, etc.

Sitll don't have to like the da** plastic!!!!!

kind of like puttin a synthetic stock on a winchester 94-------it ain't right!!!!

but probably in a cpl of decades, that will be the majority of what's available---plastic autoloaders........
deputy125 said:
as bad as i hate to say this, plastic guns are the wave of the future.
Sitll don't have to like the da** plastic!!!!!
Hey Deputy, hate to tell you, but they are the wave of the present. :D

Never had any problem with heat in a car causing problems. Doesn't get hot enough, even in Phx.
I even took a hair dryer to a KelTec once to expand the magwell. (Recommended by KT)
The air was so hot I couldn't stand it, and it still barely let me expand the polymer handle.
They are not a 'plastic' like you would think as in a squirt gun. Check out DuPont's website to learn more. There is just as much a chance of problems caused by the different metals in any gun by heat or lack of it.
How does your thermostat at home work? It has a Bi-Metal coil inside. When the metals heat up (or loose heat) they react in different ways, making the coil open or close, causing the little vial of mercury to tilt one way or the other and make your furnace (or AC) be charged with electrical energy and come on!
Fifteen years ago, I said I would never buy a plastic gun, or a gun that had any polymer on it....Today, my carry (Kahr) has a polymer frame and SS slide. My 22/45 has a polymer frame....I gotta admit that I was wrong. I would have no problem buying a total poly gun.....
Great example, Drummer!!!
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