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Postal Pistol Match?

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I would like to organize a postal pistol match! I can set up a scoring system & judge targets (would need someone I could mail my target to for judging.

Let me know what ya think.
Could call it "Top Gun" or something like that!
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That'd be cool. Eddie did something like that for fun on the "other" forum. Make some rules and get a list of participants. I'm in if I got what it takes to shoot the game.
I'm game for it.

You pick the target style.....

Free Printable Targets

Targets placed at an exceptable handgun yardage......

Iron Sights - 15 yards
Scoped - 75 yards

Specify DA or SA and barrel length stated on target information..........

Rifle Shooters:

Iron Sighted Rifles - 50 yard
Scoped Rifles - 100 yards
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I am in for rifles. Got a feeling the pistols would be awful crowded.
I have been asked by Eddie to judge the rifle targets.

I will be selecting an appropriate target and listing the rules after the holiday, probably on Saturday morning sometime. I being a judge of the rifle contest portion will not be submitting my own rifle target for score, just so you know. I will shoot it and along with other targets that are submitted for scoring to my PO Box will take pictures of said targets submitted.

This will be open to both iron sighted and scoped sighted rifles, so levergun shooters that are unscoped can join in the fun as well.

Rifles can consist from .17 cal up to and thru the 500 S&W Handi Rifles so this can be alot of fun.

If you have differant rifles, a differant target must be used for each and every one that is used.

I will let you know more later.
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Is this still happening, and are targets still due on 1 Jan? That's what I remember, but who knows.
It has died due to zero interest. Your the first one to even ask about it. :?
I tried to find the original post a couple of months ago and couldn't. Anyone else have any interest?
I was interested, and assumed everyone was quietly preparing for the due date like I have been. Damn.
Well I can still judge the Pistol targets if Montanan wants to judge the rifles it can still be done. I have no problem extending the deadline.

I'll see if I can find my thread with the rules & targets.
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