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Primer prices

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Primers at Natchez have gone up $3 - $4/1000 in the last 2 weeks..... :eek:
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That's crazy. The price of everything is up. I guess I'll have to stop eating so I can keep shooting. :roll:
I just bought 1,000 DEWC cast bullets and have 1,000 LSWC's on the way. I've got enough shotshell primers to last a year and a half, large rifle primers will most likely last as long as I will, pistol both large and small I'll need some shortly. I have a friend with an FFL so will place a wholesale order for powder and primers. I may have to build an underground powder bunker out back when I'm through. I don't know if this recession will stabilize prices or if it's time to stock up. With the political situation thats brewing I inclined to think it's time to spend a few hundred dollars to save a couple hundred later or even be able to get components, remember the primer shortage under Clinton?
I agree, Terry. With the upcomming election, I think it is time to stock up...not only for monetary reasons, but also for political reasons.....
I have to order primers, because noone within 60 miles carries them. I just found Win Small Pistol Primers at Lock Stock and Barrel for $23.50/1000.....ordered 3000.....shipping and HASMAT fee was only $10.95.....
lock stock and barrel are good folks, i like the catalog they send out and sometimes you can catch some really good deals..............

i don't think we are anywhere near levelin' out on prices. i think they are gonna get a lot higher before they stabilize-----so high that i think a lot of folks are gonna be driven to reloadin' and others may quit shootin' altogether except for .22's...............
I think you're right deputy. The cost of components is getting crazy!
Wizard said:
I have to order primers, because noone within 60 miles carries them. I just found Win Small Pistol Primers at Lock Stock and Barrel for $23.50/1000.....ordered 3000.....shipping and HASMAT fee was only $10.95.....
That pricing is excellent. When you take the hazmat fees into consideration it is equivalent to what Jerry's is charging wholesale.


I just ordered 5,000 Win SPP and the fee was only $11.95 to NH and they knocked the price per 1000 down to $22.50.
Except as it turned out they tacked on the $20 hazmat fee and never told me when I ordered them. I sent them a e-mail and asked them to credit my credit card for the $20 as it wasn't part of the deal. It brings the pricing all in to $28.85 a thousand on a 5,000 order which is nothing special.
Well that sucks. I can buy them down the road for $26 per 1000.
I could have gotten them from Jerry's wholesale for about $24 all in.
I'm surprised, Terry. They didn't do that to me......guess I was lucky.....
After two e-mails they answered and said they would credit my CC for the Hazmat fee. That brings the pricing to $24.85/1000 all in so I'm happy with that.
Good deal, Terry. I think on the 1st, I'm going to order another 5000.....
I need some too. Small and large. I use Wichesters so I can use them for magnum and standard loads.
I picked 5000 WLPs at a gun show on the 17th for $107. The cost last December was 93.00. As it looks like time to stock up I got an 8 lb can of Unique at Sportman's Warehouse yesterday marked at 107 but I had a $10 coupon which made the price pretty good. Last pound of Unique I bought at my LGS a few weeks ago was 16.99, up from 16.00 only a few weeks before that.
Just priced CCI #300's today and for 1000 would be $29.98 I couldn't believe they were $2.99 for pack of 100 ct

I will be out tomorrow looking as I really want WW LMPP and LRP
Welcome to the world of, "I can't afford it". :|
Yeah, but ya gotta do-do what ya gotta do-do-I couldn't afford my last .45, either...but I couldn't afford to be underarmed, either....I'll do without some things to be prepared....and STILL think I need to do more.......the warm and fuzzy "safe in America" feeling left long ago........
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