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Alright I got the PT1911 to the range finally. I put about 100 rounds thru it including 32 I rolled myself. I had one FTF. It was one of mine and it looked like a ligth primer strike. I put the round back in and it fired the 2nd try. Could this have been from the primer? I'd hate to think that it was the gun. The gun shot very nice. I shot it at 5, 7, and 10 yards. I shot a little left and a little low at 5 and 7 yds. At 10 yds I shot center. Great groups! All in all I really like the gun. I haven't decided if I like it better than my XD though. I'll have to take the 2 of them out together.
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If it is a brand new gun, having a failure to feed or two in the first couple hundred rounds is to be expected. It sounds like the round was not completely chambered to me. My Kimber did the same thing 3 or 4 times the first 200 rounds put through it, but has been flawless since.
Gunman my FTF was failure to fire. It fed great and the slide closed all the way. The firing pin hit the primer but didn't ignite it. It did on the 2nd try. I'm hoping it was the primer and not the gun.
with a new gun you can never tell. i'm a firm believer in at least a 500 rd break-in.

as far as primers, i avoid federal like the plague as i got a bad batch of them before. And CCI primers i avoid as well as the seem a bit hard.

So i stay with winchester....................
I'm using Wichester so that I can use them with regular or Magnum loads. I could still get a bad one every now and again though. I'll have to load up a few hundred more and go back. :D
BH, was it a light primer stike, or a good strike and just fail to fire? I used to use Fed. primers, and never had a problem with them. Also used Winchester, and never had a problem with them either.....
It looked a little light to me, Wizard, but I'm not sure. It did fire on the second hit. :|
If that FTF was a reload, just maybe the primer was not seated all the way. ??????
XLCH said:
If that FTF was a reload, just maybe the primer was not seated all the way. ??????
I'm not sure. I figure it may have been due to me, but....
I wouln't worry about it being the gun, yet. Just pay close attention to the primers for the next couple of hundred rounds....that should tell the tale.....
Yeah I doubt it was the gun. I'm going to take nothing but reloads next time. That should tell me what's up. :D
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