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Range day!!

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Finally got to the range today.

LCP-Tried the new mag and it worked great. Another 40 rounds thru the gun and no problems at all.

Redhawk-I shot about 40 rounds of cowboy loads. No lead fouling and it shot great! Next time out I'll be shooting some of my home rolled. :D

I also shot about 40 rounds of home rolled 125 grain 357 JHPs. With 9 grains of Unique they shot great. Lot more kick than I expected from the 125 grain, but very managable in my 6" GP100. :mrgreen:
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Sounds like you had a good time, range day won't happen until Monday afternoon.....
Any day at the range is a good day...

Thanks for the report. :)
Sounds like a great day. I have been looking forward to your range report of the redhawk. What kind of groups did you get with it? Man I got to get one of those.
All my shooting is done standing and either a 2 hand grip or a single hand grip. I was shooting at small caliber rifle targets at about 7 yards. I kept the shots in the black. The gun shoots better than I did. Lead fouling was non existant. I'll be shooting some 200 grain home rolled next time out. I'm hoping the fouling will continue to not be a problem.
Therapewtic!!! Glad you finally got to have some've been working too hard for all of us...a llittle smoke is relaxing...if it's powder smoke...betcha that .357 load cooked...I used to load 3.5 gr. Bullseye for my .38...snakes trembled but it was a pussycat to shoot....if I just had some room in the garage...but I don't....
The 357 rounds were louder and kicked much more than I thought they would. Out of my 6" GP they were easy to handle but seemed to be a potent load. I think that for self defense these loads would work great.

125 grain JHP + 9 grains Unique = :shock:
Were those jacketed? I'll bet you were pushing 1200....
They were jacketed. They were some of the 1600 I got for $100. Good investment. :D
Good deal for sure...loading much .45 yet? Do you load .38s? I haven't shot a lot lately, but I'm saving my brass...I'd send it to you in those cals. and 9 if it's worth the postage cost....I'm thinkin' you could trade the brass you don't load for some you do...I'm thinkin' brass will be saved more than ever before!!!
I load 45 acp and 45 Colt. 357 Magunum as well. I've been saving my 9mm brass so that I can reload it in the future for the old lady. I don't have dies yet. I don't load 38, but Wizard does. I sent him 150 pieces a while back. :)
Johngoboom said:
Any day at the range is a good day...

Thanks for the report. :)
A bad day at the range is better than the best day you ever had at work.
Bountyhunter, you can do 38s with the 357 dies with some adjustment :)
Yeah I was going to do that in the beginning but figure I can just load the 357 from plinkers to blasters. Plus I won't get that crud ring that the 38's like to leave. :)
BH, I'll save you my .45....Wiz my .38....y'all pm me your addresses and don't expect cases...I don't get out much....
Thanks buddy. :D
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