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RCBS Electronic Powder Dispenser

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I bought the scale portion of the combo last year so decided to get the dispenser this year. The UPS truck brought it today so I had to try it tonight. I had some 40 S&W cases all primed and ready to go so I used a load that works good in my P94 which is 8.0 gr of Power Pistol. I dumped the powder in and programmed in 8.0 and hit dispense. It takes a while initially to get the powder primed thru the system and then it dropped out 9.6 gr. What to _ _ _ _? I dumped it back in the dispenser and hit dispense again. It threw out exactly 8.0 gr and repeated it with each suceeding one. I loaded 30 cases (ran out of 40 S&W bullets) and it keeps track of the number loaded. It acts like it is going to work just fine and I like the fact that each charge is weighed. Clean up after took a little longer as there is a small dump valve on the side and the powder tends to hang up in the unit unless you help gravity out.

I'm certainly impressed with the unit after the first usage and will have to try it on a rifle powder to see how it handles a coarse powder.
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Sweet! I have the 1500 scale and may get the dispenser down the road. I weigh each load too. ya make me wish I had gotten the 1500 instead of the 750 scale.....I bet that is sweet.....congrats!!!!
Loaded up thirteen 30-06 cartridges this evening. I used a 150 gr SP over 55.4 gr of IMR 4350 and a LR primer. The thrower went over by a tenth of a grain on three of the loads. If you've ever used a manual powder trickler then as you get close to the charge weight you turn the trickler just a little more and oops it went over. We'll the same thing happens to an electronic set up as well but without the expletive. The charger also on occasion will stop short (3/4 to a full grain) and you pick up the scale tray and set it back down and hit dispense again and it brings it up to desired weight. I don't understand this one but it happened twice and happened on some 38's I loaded this loaded afternoon. I suspect it's caused by the powder dropping on the scale and fooling the scale with the kinetic energy of the falling powder. The remaining 8 loads were dead on. My assessment after loading about 75 rounds of three different calibers is it's a keeper.
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That's good to hear Terry. I'm thinking that next year I may go for the upgrade. It costs more than the scale, but I guess if you load a lot of rounds it's worth it. Thanks for the update. :)
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