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Ready Set Go!!!

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Well I finally got my reloading cabinet Set up like I want it! The last Issue was my choice of scales. I settled on the Pacific with the Lee as back up. This is how they look:

I have fallen in love with my Pacific scale. It maybe a pain to keep the oil res. maintained, but it looks to be DOBA (Dead on balls accurate). I've just had coins so far but do have a set of check weights on the way so I can really tweek em to perfection!!!

Note: I ended up using the full synthetic 5W20 in it works but is a little slow. That's ok it still just takes a couple more sec. Than a magnetic dampened scale.
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now that's a nice little corner ya got there.............. :D
Nice little set up. I love my room. Gets me away from the world for a while. :D

The Lee scale looks familiar. ;)
Looks too neat and organized...howya gonna get anything done? Sharp setup...
Nice set up... I get mine nice and clean ..... then I start reloading and working with loads etc.... dang its messy again. :lol:
Good job on the bench. Give it time and it will have to grow a bit. I need my elbow room when I'm working.
Good job. Looks like you have one of everything for each hand. :D

Keep the bench neat and less chance to screw up.
Thanks fer all the encouraging word fellers. The problem is there's no room to expand to, besides its cozy!!! ;)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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