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Now that Remington is not making any pistols, where do you find more magazines?
the Remington RP-45, 15 round is what come with the pistol new.
I have tried all the mag warehouse, and nothing.
Any leads will be chased down.


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I've got two 7 round 1911 mags in the safe but no 1911. One is a Mec-Gar made in Italy mag and the other has no markings and I suspect it came with the old Auto Ordinance I used to own. Forgot I had them until ZARDOZ said the secret words Auto Ordinance. I have 2 Sigs in 45 ACP but neither is the 1911 platform.

Looks like they aren't made of gold ;).

Mec-Gar 1911 .45 ACP 7-Round Magazine (
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