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Ruger Bearcat prices

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Gunman's post on the Bearcats got me looking for one for my grand duaghters. I thought that $200 MAX would be reasonable since that is the top I have paid for Single Sixes. I admit that I have only been looking on the auction sites and Ruger forums classified sections so far, but the folks that have them for sale seem to be completely off the wall with prices running from $250 to $700.

So, the question is, what should I expect to pay for a decent Bearcat shooter? Is $200 just wishfull thinking on my part?

BTW: Anyone know if Bearcats were ever made with adjustable sights?
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buying used, from what i have seen, 200 bucks is gonna be wishful thinkin' unless its a beater.

There is a used one here at kittery for 250

advertised at 85%, you could e-mail or call for more info or pics---get pics if at all possible before you buy.

as far as new, go to here ... /index.asp
and you can do a search for your area and after a dealer is located, click on them and do a power search under the dealers name and see who will sell you what for new---good to shop around here at a cpl of zip codes cause prices can very as uch as 20% sometimes from dealer to dealer
Thanks Deputy. Guess I just figured since they were so much smaller than the Single Sixes they would cost less. I missed the gun show here in PHX last week but we have about one a month somewhere in the area along with quite a few pawn shops. Our prices are good in this area so may be able find one I will spring for or maybe buy the girls some weights and toughen them up for the Single Six.
I've only seen one used one in my local gun shop and it was priced at $345. That was a while back and it was in great shape. I want to pick one up this summer for my step son if I can.
Interesting as I saw a link to the Kittery Trading Post which is just into Maine a few miles from where I live. Their firearms pricing always seemed somewhat high to me but I was over there a couple of weeks ago and their pricing seem decent. They have opened a Cabelas in Scarborough, ME about 25 miles up the turnpike so I'm sure that is the reason. Competition is a wonderful thing.
Terry remember to add 6% sales tax to it. Then if you live in NH you have to pay a transfer fee because they ship it to an FFL. That's $35 - $40. Their prices aren't real bad, but once you add it all up it's no better than anything I can get local. I was there a week ago. I got 500 pieces of 357 brass for $30. Worth the trip I guess.

I just got back from my local gun shop and they have a brand new Bearcat in for over $400! I think that's pretty steep for that gun. :?
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