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ruger sr-9 RECALL NOTICE

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this on the ruger website

All sr-9 pistols produced by ruger from oct 2007 to current are being recalled do to firing when dropped. Ruger has a "fix" in the works. Ruger will ship out call tags.

What's up with ruger???????????????? thats thousands of pistols recalled at their costs and owners left high and dry without the gun until its fixed and returned. Talk about reputation damage!!!!

Sounds like the p85 debacle when it was recalled and severely damaged ruger's rep back then. Guarantee that a lot of leo and pd's are made aware of this and the typical line of thinking is .............better go with glock or smith mp series.

you would think they would do better design and testing from the get-go.

Does not matter how well ruger handles this and fixes this.......the damage is done......................a repeat of the p85 screw-up.
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I just commented on this at .net. That sucks. I'd hate to have to send my new gun away. I hope the turn around is quick for anyone who has to do it.

Eddie will be bumming! Sorry, dude. :cry:
I know!! I just saw it while I was on the Ruger site for something else! I called and got on the list. Shipping labels/boxes going out mid May, with a one week turnaround. I'm busy at work, then taking a trip, then have some stuff filling my weekends in May. So I don't know how much I'll miss it, but I do want to get it taken care of.

If I go through withdrawal between now and then, my GP100 needs some attention. I hope she's still speaking to me!

I have another SR9 question, but I'm going to get some pics and make a new post...
They are sending people a free magazine though...

Thank you for participating in the SR9 recall. Your information has been received and is being processed.

When we are ready to retrofit your SR9, we will send you a shipping label and shipping box with instructions so you can return your pistol to us FREE of charge. Once we have received your SR9, we will install the new trigger group and return it to you FREE of charge. We also will send you a FREE extra magazine as a 'thank you' for your patience and cooperation. We will make every effort to return your pistol within one week, so we will not ask you to send it to us until we are ready to receive it. We expect to begin sending shipping labels and boxes in mid-May.


Thank you,
Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.
Cast&Blast said:
They are sending people a free magazine though...

We also will send you a FREE extra magazine as a 'thank you' for your patience and cooperation.
I think they did that with the P85's also. Guess it's OK that the SR9 is still on my 'to get list'.
Instead of in my safe.
I hate to hear that for you guys. :cry: I just posted this on since there are many Ruger lovers there as well and at least one person I know of that has an SR9.
Well, at least its free shipping and work. read on another forum that ruger will also take care of any mag releae problem, peen problem, etc if you point it out. Might as well get a complete over-haul while there.
Good for ruger to fix the problem.........
Bad for ruger that they let get this far to begin with.

I tend to hold ruger to a higher standard than most. mainly i guess because i've never had problems with a bunch of them. And for ruger to let one stinker out every once in a while i can see. But to let thousands out of a recently released design?????

Surely ruger dropped tested these babies as that is one requirement for california. Someone dropped the ball at ruger---but at least the've recovered the fumble themselves and are running with it in the right direction.

They have their pr work ahead of them. I remember the p85 troubles and what that caused in the leo circles with ruger's reputaion as far as le sales. Afraid the same thing will happen again with the sr9-----it will be passed over for this one trip-up.
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I wonder if it might just be a deal where one in one million dropped will fire? The recall could be precautionary, and not absolutely needed. Better safe than sorry.
if it were that, i would think they could had narrowed it down to a certain serial# range for what ever batch or particular part is causing the problem. But apparently it ain't that simple so apparently if it can happen to one due to the design "flaw", then it could potentially happen to all of them.

Perhaps they were "california testing" when this was discovered. Hard to imagine ruger would abandon that market.
Maybe they should. Mass too.
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