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Russian Toz-17 .22 LR

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About 14 years ago I purchased one of these from a guy for $60.00 which I cut the stock down for my back then young son who is now 20 yrs old. Well as he needed length I was able to add the part of the stock back that had been removed, but time wore on and he just out grew this .22 LR bolt action rifle.

Rencently I dug it back out and realized that we had lost the 5 round magazine for it. Johngoboom helped me locate a new magazine for it for $30.00 plus $4.00 shipping, which I just ordered and sent off the PMO for. Well today, I found a new stock at Numrich Gun Parts for $30.70 which I will be ording in the next few days.

Way back we had removed the rear and front sight so it will stay as is, but the other day I took it out after putting a Simmon's scope on it along with some .22 1" rings and got it all sighted back in. This rifle is a real shooter as I was able feed it as a single shot to take out some 80 gophers on this afternoon. My brother in law found it pretty funny that I was scoring higher than he was with his scoped Ruger 10/22 :eek:

After I get the new stock, then we will see about refining the rest of the rifle, like removing the rest of the front sight base and re-bluing etc It's just nice taking something this old and rebuilding it back up to a real beauty.
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Yeah pictures are a must. :)
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